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At Boing Boing I came across this article: India Plans Reform School for Monkeys

The BBC reported the following:

Officials say monkeys are a growing menace in Punjab as the animals move into towns and cities looking for food.

The state government has asked India’s Central Zoo Authority for funds to build the country’s first monkey rescue and rehabilitation centre.

The problems these monkeys are causing is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Many of the animals now live in towns and villages and it is not uncommon for them to attack humans as they forage for food…Officials accuse them of a variety of bad behaviour from terrorising children, snatching food from people and destroying property.

I, for one, have suspected for a long time that monkeys are inherently evil.  I realize some people find them cute.  Yet I ask, how can one find a creature that flings its excrement at you at the zoo adorable?  It defies logic.  Monkeys make loud, scary noises and faces (again, witness this at the zoo) and can be quite violent, as this story about India demonstrates. 

So I say, good for India for recognizing the devious inner workings of this cousin of ours.  However, if this reform school for the rogue monkeys fails, I, for one, am all in favor of simply shooting the damn things.


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Giant Squid
Giant Squid

Recently giant squids have been attacking swimmers and divers off the coast of San Diego, and several have been washing ashore dead on arrival as well. 

Scientists hypothesize that the creatures may be migrating from Mexico as a result of global warming or food shortages.  Yet is there a more sinister plot at work here?

It is a well-known fact that Californians tend to be left-leaning and that California is currently in the middle of a budget crisis.  Could conservatives actually be unleashing these beasts in hopes of thinning out the liberal swarms in the Golden State?  Hmmm…


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There’s a sinister and disturbing new fetish that could just negatively impact your time at the gym.  A man from Duluth, Minnesota, is being sought by the police for having a sexual fetish involving slashing exercise balls

Alarmingly, this man may not be the only one enjoying rubber balls.  Check out this clip of Andrew Breitbart from last night’s “Red Eye” on Fox News:

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